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Years of experience helping new airlines get started from the ground up have materialized into a robust and highly flexible, Internet Booking Engine. This solution, that integrates with any PSS, has been designed to minimize the go-to-market time, so that you can start generating revenue early on.



Newshore to develop a new IBE for HK Express

Newshore is proud to announce it has been selected by HK Express, the Hong Kong-based low cost carrier, in order to develop a new Internet Booking Engine (IBE).

Newshore to develop a new IBE for HK Express

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3 Must-Have Features of a IBE

With airlines looking increasingly like e-commerce businesses that also happen to fly planes, the internet booking engine (IBE) takes center stage in any airline’s IT strategy.


A solution that helps you manage those events that impact the normal course of your operations, such as flight changes and cancellations.

A powerful, fully automated, all-in-one Disruption Management Solution to communicate with your customers in real time through multiple channels.


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Our Enterprise Data Warehouse helps you make the most out of your data and massively boosts your customer intelligence capabilities in a user-friendly way. A vastly simplified data extraction and a customized set of business rules help you make sense of the valuable insights.

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