How we do business

Long term

At newshore we are not interested in one-shots. We want to establish long term relations with our clients so we can fully deploy the potential of our global production model.


Thanks to our global presence we can provide high productivity by cleverly distributing tasks between our offices in Barcelona (Spain) and Colombia, providing the right skills at the right costs.


In our industry it’s all about people. Our obsession is reaching talent wherever it is, getting the right people and helping them to do a great job.

Experts are the key

Experts are the key

Designing the best teams for every project is essential to success. We give the best of ourselves by building balanced and well complemented teams of experts fully committed to creating great products.

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Act Global

Thanks to our dual presence in the world (Spain and Colombia), we can add additional advantage to what we offer:

  • Easy mobility across Europe (2h flight distance to any Northern Europe capital).
  • Entry point to the LATAM market.
  • Wide time frame coverage.
  • Agile development capabilities under our SCRUM-based framework.
  • High level of attraction for any IT professional.
  • Availability of engineers and degrees at competitive costs.
  • Competitive prices for our clients.
We are hiring

If you think you have talent, just drop a mail and let’s have a talk ... Newshore is about people growing in terms of skills, experience, insight and salary.

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