Newshore’s IBE keeps getting new customers

As we prepare to close a hectic year at Newshore, we have become (even more) acutely aware of how an increasing number of airlines are taking action to streamline their digital distribution and ancillary revenue channels.

Why do we say this?

One of our airline technology solutions has taken center stage and attracted interest from airlines all over the World, from low cost carriers to boutique business-only operators.

La Compagnie and Wamos Air (Europe), Paranair (Latin America), HK Express (Asia) are the latest airlines to roll out our newshore_booking, our flagship Internet Booking Engine (IBE), while CEIBA Intercontinental (Africa) and Evelop (Spain) have already selected it and are next in line for implementation.

Newshore’s IBE keeps getting new customers

All these airlines have found in newshore_booking an ideal tool to boost revenue thanks to its ease of use and sophisticated marketing features.

One of the key features of newshore_booking is its’ independence from any specific Passenger Service System (PSS).

PSS-agnosticism is a key reason newshore_booking can be seamlessly adapted to the different PSS solutions used by each of these airlines.

But also the ease with which non-technical staff can manage and edit its’ contents, adapting the booking flow to the constantly changing needs of the market without the need to launch a long and costly IT project every time you wish to change something. A capability that is particularly valued by those airlines that wish to remain agile while not renouncing the full revenue potential of their IBEs.

About Newshore

Newshore is a technology consultancy firm serving the airline industry. With a team of over 100 IT professionals, headquarters in Barcelona (Spain) and production centers in Colombia and the Philippines. Newshore delivers e-commerce solutions to low cost carriers (LCC) and hybrid airlines all over the world, boosting their revenues while keeping their operational costs low.